Hi there, I am
Titiu Rajanto
an inspired & devoted an attentive & mindful a practical & hands-on UI/UX Designer from Finland.

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Titiu has a way of recognizing her clients' needs instantly, which shows both professional competence and interpersonal skill. She has ideas not only in her area of expertise, but also for shaping the company image as a whole. Titiu's work radiates freshness, clarity, and inspiration. It is easy to get along with her, as she puts her entire person into her work and communicates with her clients in an open, warm and reliable fashion.

Carita Carita Reijonen, Entrepeneur @ Carita Reijonen tmi
Client of mine at the time

My Design Process

What I bring to the table

  • User interface design for web sites and web applications that is based on UI patterns and actual, measurable user behavior.
  • Front-end development with well-written HTML and CSS code that’s clean and reusable.
  • User experience design that is founded on principles of design thinking, emphatetic listening and strategy building.
  • Calm, strategic project leadership with experience in multiple industries and perspectives of the employee, the manager and the entrepreneur.
  • Giddy curiosity for self-development at work, in health and in life in general.
  • A team player that appreciates community and maintains a sunny disposition - even in the slushiest weather.

↶My Weapons of Choice↷


Adobe XD
Design thinking
UI patterns
Graphic design
Logo design
Product design
Service and CX design
Brand strategy
Interior design
Emerging skills
House building


Front-end development
Web standards
Visual Studio
Power tools
Emerging skills
Material Design System


Problem solving
Project management
G Suite
MS Office
Google Analytics
Information management
Emerging skills
Business strategy
Titiu has a rare combination of wisdom and practical skills, and she is persistent to reach her goals. Creative thinking enters the picture uniformly when she is present, and yet, she has the gift to get people to follow her and help her achieve the goals.

Tiina Tiina Saukko, Managing Director @ Infine
Mentor @ Friendship inn at the time

The Proof (is in the pudding)

I currently work as a Digital Service Designer in e21, where I have a separate portfolio of clients outside of my freelance work. We specialize in digital business services for manufacturing and technical trade companies. Below you can see some of my freelance work. I have been way too busy in recent years to take any gigs outside of my day job so unfortunately the list is slowly building up spider webs and dust. I am however still quite actively still building, fixing and tinckering with physical product designs as a hobby so that list gets update more often.

Ystävyyden Majatalo

Between 2013-2017 I had a brief stint in a more analogue work setting as a CEO of an inn. The Friendship Inn project was one of the broadest and most challenging projects of my career. It started with the renewal of their web presence and eventually expanded into a multi-year labor of love that included aspects of service design, change management and operational management.

One could say the project was a total business overhaul that stretched from daily chores (such as making breakfast or heating the sauna for guests) to rebalancing the budget, writing House Rules for residents and guests alike, and interfacing with local government and regulators. Not to mention designing and building actual rooms for guests. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. What was and is this place?

CX design
Service Design
Project Management
Information management
Power tools

Logos from previous years

I see logo design not as an end in itself, but as a tool in your service design toolkit. Your logo is not your brand. Your brand is the experience your customers have and they tell their friends about. A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around.

I still do appreciate the technical and design challenges involved in designing a good logo that stands the test of time and that represents the spirit of the company behind it.

Here are some of my efforts on that front.

Logo design ;)

Giving Back Some Love

I aspire to be the light that I want to see in this world. So these are the projects I have made, and still continue to develop, in the spirit of pro bono work. I usually pick organizations or groups that do their best to make the world a better place for all of us and in return I try to make the world a bit of a better place for them.

Logo of New Life Foundation in Thailand & Portugal

New Life Foundation

New Life Foundation is a nonprofit therapeutic and practice centre in northern Thailand. They offer a supportive learning space for individuals looking for help with stress, depression, trauma, or addiction. In addition to core daily practices of mindfulness and meditation, their program offers counselling and workshops based on a range of evidence-based modalities.

Information management
Web standards
Logo of MOOC Suomi

MOOC Finland

MOOC Program offers high-quality, open, and free courses for everyone! The courses are offered by University of Helsinki's Department of Computer Science. No prior knowledge is required -- beginners can start to learn programming basics from the Programming with Java course, or start to get familiar with artificial intelligence from the course Elements of AI.

Logo design
Graphic design
Front-End development
Brand design
Logo of Kehitystö Ry

Kehitystö Ry

Kehitystö is group of volunteering individuals whose mission is to others find answers to two questions: What do I want from my life? And how am I going to make it happen? They organize workshops, write articles and discussions online and in real life. They aim to base their methods on the newest scientific research and evidence-based methods.

Logo design
I would be gravely amiss if my first adjectives describing Titiu were not: friendly and enthusiastic. In a corporate world of mainly concrete and construction sector clients, she managed to make her designs modern with a bit of a sparkle whilst staying classy and true to each client's look. Even when faced with deeply technical applications she managed to quickly get an understanding and a feeling of how the interface could be built with the best possible user experience.

Jan Jan Wikholm, Information Security Specialist
CTO @ e21 at the time

Let's get Personal

Compressed Me

Location Southern Finland, Helsinki

Hobbies Watching Youtube in 2x speed, reading prolifically, flirting with biohacking, dabbling in powerlifting, climbing, hiking, gardening, video games and all sorts of DIY projects.

Character I have a very easy laugh/smile trigger. On the other hand I am a critical thinker by nature and consider the practical implications when faced with new ideas. I'm also allergic to drama, however I've found direct communication to be the perfect antidote. I think I perform admirably under pressure and am known to keep my teammates' heads above water with the combination of stubborn perseverance and bad jokes.

Quirks I get weird pleasure from peeling honey pomelos and organizing things into boxes. One of my favourite desserts is tough, chewy rye bread topped with cheese and banana slices. I also instinctively start to sock ski on slippery floors.

How did I end up here?

When I was too young to know any better I wanted to be an actress. I happily pursued this goal until I turned 15 and saw Jurassic Park in a theater with my dad. Aside from being scared shitless by velociraptors I was awed by the beauty of the digitalized reality on screen. By the time the credits started rolling I realized I wanted my name to be under "Special Effects" rather than under "Cast".

And behold: thus entereth design in my life.

This lucky event took me on a new path that has led me to a line of work that I've held for 20 years and that I still devotedly.

My expertise was founded in graphic design, which grew to include UI design and front-end development. Later, working as the General Manager of a Bed & Breakfast allowed me to apply my UX skills to the physical world.

All of the above comes together in Service Design. My experience has allowed me to design both digital services and physical spaces that serve their users in the best possible way. I'm currently doing just that as my day job at e21.

Ways to know more about me

In previous years I've been way too busy creating and doing so I'm behind in building my online precense. I'm in the process of changing this, but for now, the best ways to get to know me better are to:

Add me on LinkedIn. I've started to network more on LinkedIn. Hit that button. It would be nice to connect or even exhange ideas over a cuppa of hot beverage of your choosing.

Download my résumé. I prefer the fluidity of the web for résumé material, but if you're really into PDFs, this is a gold mine.

See my personal DIY projects. Something definitely stuck from my carpenter-grandfather, because I've always liked to tinker with physical things in addition to bytes and pixels. Stop. Hammer time!

Titiu is a guru in the field of UI design and she has been my mentor from whom I've learned a lot. She has a broad knowledge of technologies behind excellent, user-friendly websites and user interfaces. Titiu takes her designs to the finest detail and she stands behind her views. She is warm-hearted and a joy to work with.

Hanna Hanna Ahvensalmi, UI Designer / Owner @ Ntrnz Media
Junior Designer @ e21 at the time

Contact Me

Let's not make this any more complicated that it needs to be. Just leave a message after the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.