Personal projects

I build stuff. I will build more stuff in the future. The future is here soon!

Sometimes it's hard to shut down my brain. Every time I design something new, and have used it for a while, I come up with at least five new features that should be added or re-designed. That's why I put a version number on some of them; to indicate that a better version is already making its way down the production line.

Projector Shelf 1.0

Projector Shelf 1.0 by Titiu Rajanto

Coat & Hat Rack 1.0

Coat Rack 1.0 by Titiu Rajanto
Coat Rack 1.0 by Titiu Rajanto

In our current appartment we have a tiny entry hall. I mean tiny. At first I thought I would be ok with it, since we don't have that much stuff anyway. Eventually I got annoyed by the inconvinience of it all. I needed something that would fulfill certain criteria:

  • 1) It needed to fit in a space that was no more than 13cm deep and 55cm wide.
  • 2) No boxes or cuppords for hats, scarfs and gloves. I wanted them all to be visible.
  • 3) Optional hangers. I don't like hangers. My husband does.

I'm super happy how it turned out and have already planned a next version that could be installed to a perfect height for kids. Stuffing and unstuffing scarfs and mittens between the rubber bands is super satisfying and easy. And I like the fact that if there is wet-ish items, they will dry out decently in the open space. Nothing gets lost, since you see everything and the sides and top can hold smaller items.


Coat Rack 1.0 by Titiu Rajanto

I don't think I'm gonna build a new sofa anytime soon since it was a hard-ass thing to build (mainly with all the sewing and button placing). Eventho' I already have new features planned for the next sofa (which, again, I'm not gonna build any time soon), I think I'm just gonna call it "Better Sofa" instead of "Sofa 2.0", since so many things will go through changes that the end result will be too different to put it under same version line.

The design principle will be the same though:

  • 1) Build a sofa that can easily morph to a double bed...or two separate beds.
  • 2) Make it light and disseminable, so it will be easy to carry by the moving company guys ;)
  • 3) Build it so, that it'll last until the end of times (or 4 kids jumping on it).